Pricing: Time-Saver Services

Language Editing & Proofreading

The pricing for editing and proofreading is based on the total word count of your document. Keep in mind that the reference list needs to be included, as we check this as part of our service (learn more about our deliverables here). 

Total word countRate per word (USD)
Less than 10,000 words$0.043
10,000 - 25,000 words$0.042
More than 25,000 words$0.039
Minimum fee per project: $315

Interview Transcription

Transcription pricing is based on the total length of the audio files, as per below:

Total Audio LengthCost Per Minute (USD)
Less than 10 hours$1.17
11 - 20 hours$1.13
More than 20 hours$1.10
Minimum fee per project: $315 (USD)

Pricing is based on “standard” recordings involving two English speakers with neutral accents and clear audio, speaking at an average speed (140 wpm). Deviations from this specification may incur additional costs.

Qualitative Coding

Qualitative coding is priced per interview, on a word count basis. If your interview recordings are not yet transcribed, we can transcribe them for you (at the rates mentioned above).

The table below details the price per interview transcript, based on common word count ranges. Please note that we will need to code all your interview data in order to develop a comprehensive coding structure.

Transcript word count (per interview)Approximate interview lengthPrice per transcript
6900 words or less1 hour$145
6901 - 10,300 words1 - 1.5 hours$175
10,301 - 13,500 words1.5 - 2 hours$225
Minimum fee per project: $315 (USD)

For a firm quotation, please request a quote online or book an initial consultation.

Survey Design & Hosting

Given that surveys vary significantly in terms of size and complexity, we price this service on a case-by-case basis.

For a firm quotation, please book a consultation here or email us here.

Statistical Testing

Statistical testing projects are priced on a case-by-case basis. For a firm quotation, please book a consultation here or email us here.